Sunday, October 08, 2006

The pros and cons of the technological age

A lot of people believe that the technological age is something good for the future of all humanity but some persons think that old ages were better.
The people who think that technological age is something good, say that computers and Internet permit to be informed about the things that happen around the world and that is very important in this time. Another advantage is that new technologies make the communication eassier between all the people around the world. Finally, the new technologies give people a better quality of life.
The main disadvantage of the technological age is there is less face to face communication among the persons. Besides, another reason is that young people prefer spending their time using the computers and because of that they don't read books. Lastly, some people think that TV is generating a new generation of persons who can't think by themselves.
In conclusion, old people prefer the old ages and young people prefer the technological age.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Pride and Prejudice

Chapter 5

  • Lydia with her sisters, except Mary, and Mr. Collins decided to walk to Meryton.
  • Kitty and Lydia found an officer with a gentleman.
  • Darcy arrived with Mr. Bingley and saw Mr. Wickham.
  • Elizabeth found out that Mr. Darcy had a living that his father had left to Mr. Wickham.

Chapter 6

Mr. Bingley and his sisters invited the Bennets to a ball at Netherfield. There, Elizabeth danced with Mr. Darcy and said that Mr. Wickham was unlucky for not have his friendship.
Miss Bingley heard Elizabeth and said to her that the story that Mr. Darcy had wronged Mr. Wickham was completely untrue.

Chapter 7

Mr. Collins proposed marriage to Elizabeth but she refused it. Then he spoke with her mother and she went with her husband.
Mr. Bennet agreed with Elizabeth.

Chapter 11

  • Elizabeth goes to Charlotte's home.
  • Elizabeth visits Jane.
  • Elizabeth accepts the invitation to maka a tour with her aunt and uncle.
  • Elizabeth arrives to Charlotte's house.
  • Charlotte is unhappy with Mr. Collins.

Friday, August 25, 2006


Dear Francisco:

Thanks for your letter. I'm very happy since I heard you will be studying at Paris University next year. I' m sorry it's taken so long to write, but I had to study for my final exams and now I've just arrived from a trip through Tandil I made last weekend.
Before that trip, I passed my final exams and I'm ready to start university next year. Now, I'm preparing my summer holidays and maybe I could go to Versalles to see you and to visit Versalles Palace.
As I told you, last weekend I went to Tandil. The first thing I made there was to visit the Sentinel Rock. On Saturday I visited the Tiger's Mountain and the last day, I rode around the mountains and climbed the Spirit's Mountain.
Write soon with all your news from France.

Best wishes.


Many people think it has been a good World Cup but a lot of persons say it has benn a bad one.
The main advantage of the World Cup has benn its good organization that is considered better than Corea-Japan organization. Another advantage are the good stadiums of the World Cup which are beautiful and big. Finally, the good performance of the Argentine referee is another reason to consider the World Cup as a good one.
The persons who think it has been a bad World Cup say that the referees have been localist and benefited the German team. Besides, another reason is that the World Cup hasn't had good teams. Lastly, some people think that business has influenced the World Cup scores.
It is clear, therefore, that there are arguments in favour of considering the World Cup as a good one and arguments against it.


In 1999 when I was ten, I went, with a friend, to a house that his family had bought in Buenos Aires City.At first it was wonderful but that night everything would change. At half past ten at night we heard steps near the room where we were sleeping. Then, my friend and I went out of the room but we couldn' t see anybody. We went back to the room and after a few minutes, the room door opened but nobody entered.My friend and I were very scared and all the night we heard strange noises.In the morning, we left the house and I never went back.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

My name is Nicolás Pablovich and I'm seventeen years old. I live in Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I don't have any brother or sister and I go to third year at the Matulaitis Polymodal. I like football soccer and my favourite team is Independiente. I also enjoy watching American football and my favourite team is the Denver Broncos.
I like going to the cinema and I prefer science fiction films.
In my spare time I like reading philosophical books, especially Kant's, and listening to pop music. My favourite music group is "La Oreja de Van Gogh".